Under the auspices of the project, accessible pedestrian street infrastructure was established within little-developed territories in the central part of the city, connecting the Eastern Latvia creative services centre “Zeimuļs” to the Eastern Latvia regional multi-functional centre – Latgale Embassy “Gors”.

Latgales Street is one of main roads in Ludza, as well as being one of the rare roads in the town along which the movement of heavy traffic is allowed. Latgales Street is a trunk road which plays a major road in the traffic of the district, providing residents of Ludza with access to the A12 state highway.

Atbrīvošanas Alley in Rēzekne is one of the city’s main thoroughfares and is considered to be a transit road that fulfils a connection function.

The P48 highway from Kārsava–Tilža–Dubļukalns is a highway of regional importance, which provides a connection between small residential places or territories.

Jobs completed during the course of the construction works: reconstruction of the road surface and pedestrian paths, reconstruction of power and communications infrastructure; and construction of lighting and sealed rainwater drainage.

Reconstruction works to the surface of the A13 main state highway from the Russian border (Grebņeva)–Rēzekne–Daugavpils–Lithuanian border (Medumi) along the stage from Rēzekne – Malta.

Construction of this freight terminal was carried alongside the Terehova border control point and involved the installation of buildings and structures in accordance with the terminal’s technological operating system.

The bridge built in 1965 was in a catastrophic state and no longer able to carry vehicle loads, therefore a decision was made under the auspices of the project to demolish the former bridge and to build a new bridge in its place, which satisfied contemporary requirements.