Testing of certified construction materials

Bituminous mixtures and inert materials are tested at the SIA “ACBR” road construction materials laboratory “Burzava”. In 2010, the laboratory was accredited by the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau (LATTAK), entitling it to conduct bituminous mixture and mineral sample taking and mechanical and physical property testing.

“Burzava” road construction materials laboratory is a vastly experienced laboratory whose operations date back to the time of the founding of SIA “ACBR”. The laboratory conducts tests for both internal and external requirements.

Principal criterion for the services provided by the laboratory: quality and precision. The laboratory is accredited with LATAK allocated no. 380, for both bituminous mixture and mineral tests.


sample taking from vehicle freight container: LVS EN 12697-27 p.41.1;

sample taking from installer transport snails: LVS EN 12697-27 p.41.3;

sample dimension determination: LVS EN 12697-36 p.4.1.;

sample taking drilling compacted material: LVS EN 12697-27 p.41.7;

maximum density: LVS EN 12697-5 p.9.2.;

binder content: LVS EN 12697-1 p.B.1.5.;

granulometric composition: LVS EN 12697-2;

pore property determination: LVS EN 12697-8.

bulk density determination: LVS EN 12697-6 p.9.3.;


granulometric composition: LVS EN 933-1;

flakiness index: LVS EN 933-3.

Los Angeles coefficient: LVS EN 1097-2 p.5;.