About us

SIA “ACBR” core operations include construction and reconstruction of and repairs to highways, roads, squares, bridges and other transport structures, territorial landscaping and manufacturing of construction materials.
The company was founded in 1960 as Rēzekne’s 9th Road Building District. In 1991, on the basis of a state enterprise, taking over all the obligations of the former state enterprise and retaining its sphere of operations, the current company SIA “ACBR” was founded. It was founded by the company’s employees.

SIA “ACBR” is one of the biggest employees and taxpayers in the region of Latgale, for which it has received articles of recognition and gratitude from both governmental bodies and local councils.
The company’s biggest clients include: VAS “Latvijas Valsts ceļi”, AS “Latvijas valsts meži”, district and city councils, as well as many companies.

The company has received Bureau Veritas certificates for the compatibility of its quality and environmental governance systems to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international standards.

Since 2003 SIA “ACBR” is one of the subsidiaries of the “A.C.B.” group of companies.


Roads always lead from person to person. They connect each of us with the whole of Latvia, with the whole of the world. Therefore we work to ensure that people can reach one another – safely, calmly and conveniently.


Innovation without experience is recklessness, whereas experience without innovations is stagnation. We strive to introduce the very latest solutions, at the same time firmly planting both feet on our foundation of experience.


SIA “ACBR” employs an average of 400 employees a year. Great attention is paid to employee training, ensuring each employee’s ability to carry out the functions entrusted to it with the required degree of quality. The company is proud of its long–standing professional employees: construction works managers, foremen, machine–operators, road buildings workers and technical–engineering workers.

In order to ensure the economic, social and legal protection of its employees, the company has an active trade union which offers invaluable support to each employee in both good and difficult times. The trade union helps to instil unity in the workforce, organising several annual events: sports games, excursions, as well as joint trips around Latvia and countries further afield. Every year, the employees gather together at the company’s big Christmas ball.


    Over 55 operating years, we have learned one unchanging truth – at any moment, everything can change. Therefore, to be capable of long-term growth, one must be capable of keep pace with changes, finding new operating fields and markets. Development makes everyday work more captivating. It comes in the form of new technologies, new projects and new challenges. Our employees work for the company with passion and pride, doing so for an employer that moves with the times and whose creative ideas find ears willing to listen.

    Even in the most rapidly changing times, we retain our stability in relation to our employees, partners and clients.

    A road must be built honestly. It does not allow deviations from this principle. We are honest towards our employees, honest towards our country, honest towards the work we do, and honest towards the people who travel on the roads we’ve built.

    For decades we worked assiduously to prove that our company is characterised by a constantly professional attitude towards work, towards each project, solution and detail.

    Improvement of the group’s structure, precise planning and introduction of new technologies ensure ever increasing operating efficiency, which makes it possible to build quality roads and to preserve competitive costs.